Debt Collection - GUARANTEED!

It is in your best interest to collect debts and overdue accounts immediately. Our research shows that, unless debts are chased within the first thirty days, the chance of recovering the money reduces significantly. We are a debt collection firm which ensures you get your money fast.

The benefits you will receive using our debt recovery service:

  • Money back guarantee - See below!
  • Simple, fast & efficient debt collection service
  • Trackable, real-time automated service
  • No additional fees for successful debt collection
  • International and national debts collected
  • NO commission charged for debt recovery
  • Personal and corporate debts recovered
  • Same rates for National/International collections
  • You receive all payments
  • Low cost debt collection service
  • No hidden costs or percentage fees
  • Worldwide debt collection affiliate programme

We are Members of....

We are a member of several professionally recognised bodies that deal specifically with debt collection
and management. Please click any logo below to be taken to their site for more information.

Our Happy Users....

As a growing digital media recruitment business prompt payment of invoices is essential to ensure we effectively manage cash flow and reduce bad debt at key time of our expansion. Using Avonmere not only professionally encourages clients to pay on time but also allow us to manage our credit control with ease. It's cost effective, easy to use and delivers the results.
Mr Tim Smith
London, UK


Finally, a debt company that actually gets our money. We've always had problems collecting bad debts but since using your services our US debtors have paid up within a few weeks. How you offer this service at such a favorable rate is beyond us. Thank you.
Mrs C Ludlow
Washington DC, USA

Our debts are now paid on time and to the full amount. Thank you for a wonderful service.
Ms. T Amaranta
Barcelona, SPAIN


We are a small company and find that bad debts can really adversely affect us. We were looking for a cost effective solution and found Avonmere Commercial. A quick and efficient service which has, to date, never let us down. All of our debts at home and abroad are now dealt with through Avonmere - a testament to your excellent service.
Mr J V Lee
Exeter, UK

I used Avonmere for the first time to recover a £5k debt which was 3 months overdue. The customer paid within a week of starting the process. The process worked much better than I had expected. I'll definitely use them again!
Mr Chris Bishop
Bridgwater, UK


We are very impressed with the transparency of your charges, the process and flexibility your webiste avails us which enables us to track the progress of each account and the regular updates on each account that we receive by email as well. We are so impressed that we are considering outsourcing our entire accounts collection process to your company.
Mr Ladi Tokosi
London, UK

The Avonmere Guarantee

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ADCA offers each client a unique debt collection Money Back Guarantee when we do not recover enough money to cover your costs with us.

ADCA Affiliates

We now offer a debt recovery affiliate scheme to existing and new members of the site. Anyone may sign up and become an Avomere Affiliate. With some of the best affiliate rates online, it is quick and easy to set up and you could have a money making account within minutes.

We supply you with all the banners and text links which may be linked back to us with your unique affiliate code. As soon as somebody signs up with us and buys credits through your link, we will pass a percentage of that revenue back to you - sometimes as much as 20% of the total purchased.

Debt Collection Affiliate Programme